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At ADP, we are fully committed to helping ensure your payroll services always run smoothly.

We provide advanced expertise in outsourced payroll solutions. From calculations, to multi-currency deposits, to tax remittances and maintaining total compliance in every area you operate in. Regardless of your size, your chosen sector or even the countries you operate in, we can help you find a zero-error, managed payroll solution that will give you− and your employees− complete peace of mind.


Payroll services and solutions: Putting your people first


Choosing a new payroll provider to partner with should be a decision that puts the people behind your business, first. As far as ADP’s payroll solutions are concerned, 100% accuracy is a given. But beyond that, we can help you structure a forward-looking payroll system that can help you achieve your broader business goals.   Goals like:

  • Supporting your employee satisfaction and retention efforts
  • Integration of your payroll system, where possible, with your HR solutions to create a single, consolidated view of every employee. This would help guide strategic business and talent decisions.
  • Scaling your payroll services to accommodate sudden growth or market expansion
      Organizations managing payroll and employee administration in-house spend on average 18% more on these functions than those that outsource. “The hidden reality of payroll & HR administration costs,” PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jan. 2011.

ADP can help…

Whatever your businesses payroll priorities are, ADP can support by providing:  
  • Fully managed, outsourced payroll solutions.
  • Payroll solutions for local or global businesses, with local expertise available for every market.
  • On-hand support during and after payroll service implementation.
  • Guaranteed 100% compliance with the GDPR and any relevant legislation in your operating area.  

Solutions Selector

Our extensive set of HR and Payroll solutions are designed to support you at every stage of the employee life cycle, and they cover everything – from digitising, to regular compliance updates and reporting. We’ve created this solution selector, so you can find the ones that fit your needs. Simply tick your business requirements to get more information on how we can help you.

I need to


A single platform for managing payroll, time and absence reporting, talent development and analytics. Cloud-based and accessible from any device, this solution covers the employee lifecycle - from start to finish.
A local payroll solution that lets you choose between a full-outsourcing or processing-only service. It also caters for international secondments.
An outsourced payroll service specifically designed for the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland.
An outsourced payroll service for managing UK expats or employees from overseas. (Works in combination with ADP® Freedom, ADP® LocalPay & ADP®Streamline).
An auto-enrolment service that covers everything from employee enrolment to third-year renewals. (Integrates with ADP® iHCM2).
Access local resources and requirement information with an easy-to-use set of processes and tools. Manage multi-country payroll and human resources administration, right from your headquarters.
A multi-lingual, multi-currency platform that delivers a suite of payroll and human capital management services. With three levels of service available, you can get local, regional or national expertise (as per your business requirements).
A solution that moves funds quickly and accurately to employees and relevant UK third parties. (Integrates with ADP® iHCM2).
Efficiently track time and absence at any time, on any device. (Integrates with ADP® iHCM2 and ADP® Freedom, or works as a standalone solution).
An online employment screening service which gives you all the information needed to make well-informed recruitment decisions. (Integrates with ADP® iHCM2, or works as a standalone solution).
An online and telephone advice-based HR employment law service. (Integrates with ADP® iHCM2, or works as a standalone solution).
Access recruitment experts and talent acquisition solutions to accelerate the hiring process. (Integrates with ADP® iHCM2 and Global View, or works as a standalone solution).

We have three different levels which vary by solution:

  1. Processing Services: we host the platform, administer upgrades and provide 8/5 support. The client takes care of data entry in addition to validating the accuracy of the data output.
  2. Managed Services / Outsourced: we host the platform, administer upgrades and provide 8/5 support. In this instance, ADP rather than the client validate the accuracy of the data output. The client submits the data in an agreed format to ADP for processing.
  3. Comprehensive Services (COS): we host the platform, administer upgrades, provide 24/7 support and handle all your payroll obligations, including employee requests through a helpdesk (only available for ADP® GlobalView).

Not sure which payroll solution suits you?

Trusting a new partner to outsource your payroll systems to is a big decision. We’d love to schedule a 30-minute consultation with you to identify your key needs and work together to find a solution that’s right for your business.

Why trust ADP with your payroll?


ADP has over 65 years of expertise guiding businesses to make the best decisions for the bottom lines- importantly, for their people. And we’re doing something right. On average, our customers stay with us at least 11 years.

Customers of every size, and from every industry trust us to manage their payroll solutions because we’re able to offer them global scale with on-the-ground, local expertise. 

American Apparel uses ADP solutions across all 10 countries that we operate in. Therefore, it was the natural decision for us to partner with them in the UK. ADP is a tried and tested partner and centralising the payroll and employee screening is beneficial for Senior Management decision making. Dilanka Kalutota, Technical Project Manager at American Apparel

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