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Simple, global payroll for growing businesses

Your people aren’t just the backbone of your company. They’re the engine of your organisation’s growth. So when you’re expanding your business, you need a payroll system that supports your growing workforce, globally and at scale. A solution that’s built for an evolving, expanding business.


When you’re finding office space, connecting with new contacts and hiring new talent, it’s easy to overlook the fact that, when your business grows, the complexity of your payroll grows too.

Whether you’re preparing for your next growth period, or have already expanded your operations, getting payroll wrong isn’t an option.

ADP’s global payroll solutions are designed to make handling growing numbers of employee payments across international borders simple.
That allows us to:  

  • Free your time – Even for small companies, payroll eats up time and attention. When you’re operating at scale and handling employees on different contracts, in different countries and, that time multiplies exponentially. Outsourcing HR like payroll on average increases Payroll Manager productivity by 86%, giving you and your staff more time to spend building your core business.
  • Keep you compliant – ADP Payroll gives you access to a global network of local experts. That means detailed, on-the-ground advice on legislation and compliance, wherever your business operates.
  • Facilitate your growth – Our cloud-based solutions are built for evolving businesses, so you can scale your systems as your business grows, without the need for constant upgrades. And, because we’re equipped to serve clients of all sizes in more than 140+ countries, we’ll provide you with the insights and expertise you’ll need at every stage of your growth, no matter how wide your reach becomes.

Scaling up

As your business grows, so does the complexity of your processes: you’re dealing with more employees, more locations, more currencies, more varied legislation – the list keeps expanding.

But, no matter how big your business becomes, ADP payroll gives you one accurate, complete view of your payroll processes. That means faster, better-informed decisions, and greatly reduces the chance of mistakes.


Peace of mind

Non-compliance costs businesses, on average, $9 million every year. And now, thanks to the GDPR, the cost of legislation errors is even higher.

Need to apply the rules for maternity pay in Spain? Or to know how the GDPR affects your offices in America? Having a dedicated team of payroll gurus instead of placing the burden on busy internal teams reduces the risk of human error, too. 


Time for your business

The time you spend untangling your payroll processes is only likely to grow as your business expands. On average, outsourcing processes can increase payroll manager productivity by 86% , freeing up significant amounts of time for your HR, finance and admin teams and giving them space to focus on the strategic issues that shape the course of your business.


Outsource and save

Organisations who manage payroll and employee admin in-house spend, on average, 18% more than those that outsource. And the savings from outsourcing multiply when you outsource more than one function: those who hand over several HR functions to one provider save, on average, 32% more than those using multiple vendors or working in-house. And, because ADP payroll is built to integrate with our wider HCM systems, running payroll with us can be the first step towards achieving those savings.


Can Your HR Support International Growth?



The HR challenges that arise as international expansion gathers pace become central to an organisation’s success or failure. HR is a company’s backbone with payroll being the key way to recognise the most important asset.


There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ payroll solution.

That’s why we’ve built payroll products and services designed to flex to the size of your business and support you at every stage of your growth.


ADP Streamline – International payroll can be complicated. Streamline provides businesses of every size with an easy-to-use set of and tools for managing multi-country payroll and HR admin.   


ADP GlobalView HCM – erfect for larger businesses of over 2.5k employees, operating across multiple territories. GlobalView is our multi-lingual, multi-currency HR platform suite of payroll and HCM services. Choose from local, regional or national support from our team of experts.


How can ADP help you?

ADP is a global enterprise made up of local experts, helping businesses of every size, from every industry, and in every country transform their HR and payroll. We’re dedicated to making people seamless for you and your employees, whatever form your business takes.


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